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Ride Year Round in Comfort
Hammer down on the gas and take to the trails regardless of the weather. Adding a quality, full vented polycarbonate windshield to your Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 1000 will let you ride year round in comfort no matter the forecast. It features our BreezeRite vents that can easily be adjusted from fully closed to half open or fully open. Your co-pilot will love these vents too because they’ll be able to control their own airflow on the passenger side, while you adjust your own from the driver’s seat. We’ve added convenience to your side-by-side without compromising your protection.

BreezeRite Vents
You can have total control of your cab's comfort with our BreezeRite vents. They're injection molded and designed to be fully closed, half open, or fully open. They can be easily adjusted from your seat and are tough enough to stay in the position you set them to. So take on an extra trail before you head home knowing you have total control over your cab's comfort.

Super-Strength Material
We use 1/4" polycarbonate on this Yamaha RMAX vented windshield because it's the strongest side-by-side windshield material, and it's exactly what you need for protection. It's 250 times stronger than glass and 25 times stronger than acrylic making it resistant to rocks and low hanging branches.

XR Optic Hard Coating
Our proprietary XR Optic Hard Coating adds extra durability to your Wolverine RMAX windshield. This advanced coating goes on both sides of the windshield and gives it unbeatable abrasion resistance and UV protection. So you'll have perfect clarity ride after ride.

You Can Call Us the Experts
We know a thing or two about windshields because we've designed, manufactured, and shipped hundreds of thousands of them. Our windshields are used every day worldwide, so if you want the most trusted, most reliable windshield you can get for your side-by-side, you'll want SuperATV.

Make your investment go further with our guide on how to clean and care for your polycarbonate windshield. They’re all proudly manufactured at our facility in Madison, Indiana.

Everything You Need to Know:
Scratch and abrasion resistant
Rattle free
Easy open, easy close vents