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Big, Bad, and Beefy A-Arms
Your Honda Talon 1000R is designed for fun on the trail, but nothing ruins your day faster than catching your stock A-arms on rocks and stumps. Install SuperATV’s Atlas Pro A-Arms to your machine. Our improved design makes them bigger and better than ever before. We have increased the tubing size to 1.5” in diameter, making them 0.5” larger than stock and 0.25” larger than our standard A-arms. You wanted something big and bad, and now you’ve got it.

Massive Atlas Pro Tubing
You can’t be the best or have the best rides without the best A-arms. It’s a good thing we’ve got your back with these A-arms. We took our standard A-arm measurements and increased the tubing by 0.25”, giving you a beefy 1.5” diameter tubing that will turn heads. It’s a practical upgrade that majorly sets you apart from those running stock A-arms. Our A-arms put them to shame, measuring 0.5” bigger with walls 0.138” thick. And to top these beefy A-arms off, we’ve added our UV-resistant powder coating for added durability against corrosion.

Preadjusted Pivot Blocks
Choose adjustable pivot blocks to get full control of your camber. Our Honda Talon control arms come preadjusted to factory specs right out of the box so you can install and go. So if you add weight from accessories or get a small lift, you can adjust your camber to get a better ride and reduce premature tire wear.

NOTE: You must re-use your stock ball joints