Developed over months and months of racing and thrashing on our personal KRX 1000. RCOR Alpha Springs have a stiffer rate than OEM springs that sag over time and are made of much higher quality material. Our springs will get you back to your factory ride height and will help return the awesome ride that the KRX 1000 is known for. RCOR Alpha springs are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA. Our tender springs are only available in black and are coated at the manufacturer to guarantee quality and a consistent rate. -Lifetime warranty -Kit includes 2 front tender springs and 2 rear tender springs.


2 seat settings: 5 inches of preload in the front, 8 inches of preload in the rear.


4 seat settings: 5.5 inches of preload in the front, 7.5 inches of preload in the rear.


**All settings are just a recommendation! Each machine is different and will require different settings. Adjust your preload 1/2 inch at a time until you reach the desired ride height. Please watch our youtube video for install. **



Right Coast Off-Road KRX 1000 Alpha Tender spring kit