****THIS IS A PRE ORDER FOR THE WEIGHTS. ALL KITS ORDERED ARE GUARANTEED TO SHIP WITHIN 4 WEEKS FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE. We decided this was the only fair way to do this since so many people missed out on the last list. Production has been increased and hopefully we will have inventory on hand at all times soon.****


Set of 4 adjustable clutch weights for 2020+ KRX 1000. Made of superior steel that won't groove and wear like the stock weights. Our weight is harder than stock and has 2-3 times the tensile and yield strength of the OEM cast steel weight. The ramp on our weight is 20% wider than OEM to aid in durability. Completely adjustable for tire size, power adders, altitude or other mods. Custom profile that enables the machine to accelerate harder all the way to your top speed with no negative side effects. Installs in less than 45 minutes and does not require clutch removal or special tools. Weights will come preloaded with recommended setup and the possibilities are endless for adjustment with the included kit. 100% MADE IN THE USA!*confirm that your oem rollers are clean and in proper working order before installing our kit*

RCOR KRX 1000 adjustable clutch weight kit