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The latest addition to Obor’s proven line of UTV tires.

Conquer high-speed desert terrain with Obor’s Daemon UTV tires


Daemon tires are specifically designed to stand up to the roughest, driest and most challenging conditions. The Daemon tire is available as a 33″ tire and pairs nicely with a 15″ wheel. Thanks to their 8-ply-rated bias-ply construction, you can race with confidence knowing that Daemon tires are robust, durable and ready for the big time.



Designed for high-speed desert terrain.

Light weight UTV tire at 39 Lbs and available size of 33 inch.

Stepped sidewall design to increase forward traction.

Effectively reduces tire noise, while increasing ride comfort.

8-ply-rated bias ply construction.

Stepped block design extends to the bead to help puncture resistance.


Lightweight Design

Big and bulky tires can be noisy, cumbersome and detrimental to the racing experience. You can enjoy a more quiet and comfortable ride with Daemon tires. The lightweight Daemon tires weigh in at just 39 lbs, reducing tire noise and creating a smoother ride experience. Desert racers everywhere can enjoy a top-of-the-line ride thanks to the smart design of Daemon tires.

Protection Against Punctures

Tire punctures can deflate and derail your race-day excitement. The Daemon’s stepped block design extends to the bead for extra protection against potential punctures. This makes it so racers can cruise at high speeds without being concerned about the hazardous desert conditions wreaking havoc on their tires. You can focus on the fun of racing instead of worrying about punctures with Daemon UTV tires! 


SizePLYTT/TLOverall Diameter(inch)Overall Width(inch)Tire Pressure(psi)Rim size(inch)Max Load(lbs)Tread Depth(inch)

Designed for High-Speed Desert Adventures

There’s nothing more thrilling than feeling the wind in your hair as you race through the winding desert at high speed. Daemon tires are designed with desert racing in mind so that you can get the most out of the rugged terrain. The all-new stepped-up sidewall design increases forward traction, making it easier for racers to maintain control in even the roughest desert conditions. 

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Kick your desert racing experience into high gear with Daemon UTV tires,


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