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2020-2024 Kawasaki KRX 1000 Trail Muffler


  • 2020-2024 Kawasaki KRX 1000 

Stock Muffler: 25.30 lbs
GGB Trail: 12.50 lbs
Weight Savings: 12.80 lbs

Decibel Levels:
Stock Decibel:
Idle- 78.5-79
3200- 86
5000- 93

GGB Decibel:
Idle- 81
3200- 87.5-89
5000- 93.5-94


  • Built entirely from 304 Stainless Steel
  • ZERO Packing material
  • ZERO Maintenance
  • Increased HP and Torque
  • Designed to be run with stock programmer
  • Deep tuned exhaust note throughout the entire RPM range
  • Sound will not change over time
  • Direct Bolt-On
  • OEM style spark arrestor
  • Reduced operating temperatures
  • Deep water compatible
  • All factory body panels re-install
  • Easily meets all sound level requirements

The GGB Trail muffler is constructed from 304 stainless steel and is a direct bolt on muffler that gives a deep tuned exhaust note, close to stock dB levels in the mid and high RPM’s and does not require a fuel programmer. The Trail Muffler provides an increase in exhaust flow resulting in 1-3 HP gain with increased torque. Each system is a direct bolt-on fit and allows all factory body panels to be re-installed. Submersion in mud and water will not affect the integrity or the performance of the GGB Trail muffler as its fully welded stainless steel design with ZERO packing is built to withstand the punishment. The GGB Trail muffler is a direct bolt-on, zero maintenance exhaust system that can be run with or without a programmer. The Trail Series will easily meet J1287 sound regulation of 96dBA.

This muffler has been SPECIFICALLY designed for this machine, tested and tuned accordingly to provide optimal exhaust flow and back pressure to allow the engine to efficiently achieve peak power with the stock programmer. There is NO DRONE with our Trail Muffler. The Trail Muffler has an incredible tuned sound to it. Slightly louder than stock at idle for that head turning start up. As the RPMs increase the Trail Muffler reduces sound, keeping measured dB levels close to stock through the middle and upper RPM range while providing a deep tuned exhaust note from idle to wide open throttle. Our design allows for reduced operating temperatures and weight savings compared to stock. 

In hand you will notice the build quality and fit and finish of the product we deliver, and installation is straight forward as each system is a direct bolt-on using factory mounts and all necessary hardware is included.

GGB Exhaust 2020-2024 Kawasaki KRX 1000 Trail Muffler

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