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2020-2024 Kawasaki KRX 1000 Sport Muffler


  • 2020-2024 Kawasaki KRX 1000 

Stock Muffler: 25.30 lbs
GGB Sport: 12.50 lbs
Weight Savings: 12.80 lbs


Increase power, aggressively improve exhaust tone, reduce weight, lower engine temps, and never have to take your exhaust system apart to re-pack it ever again. The GGB SPORT muffler delivers an aggressive exhaust note with a deep-tuned tone while providing the additional exhaust flow necessary for increased power. Built entirely from stainless steel this zero-maintenance exhaust system delivers a throaty rumble at idle and track-tuned attitude when under throttle. Installation is straightforward, and no modifications are necessary to install as the SPORT muffler is designed and dyno tested to run with the vehicle's stock tune or any aftermarket tune and bolts directly the original mounts. This is a chambered muffler specifically designed in-house by our designers for this vehicle and will not get louder over time.

  • Chambered Muffler
  • Aggressive exhaust tone
  • Technology designed in-house
  • Built entirely from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Fully welded system
  • Does not contain packing material
  • Sound will never change
  • Increased exhaust flow
  • Increased HP and Torque
  • Will run with stock or aftermarket tune
  • Dyno tested real-world proven
  • Aggressive tone throughout the entire RPM range
  • Direct Bolt-On
  • OEM style removeable spark arrestor
  • Reduces engine operating temperature
  • Fully submersible muffler
  • All factory body panels re-install

THE SPORT MUFFLER – Chambered technology
The DNA of this muffler sets it apart from other SxS exhaust on the market. Designed In-house by our team specifically for this market, the Sport muffler does not use any packing material but rather, utilizes strategically placed tubes and chambers to capture sound waves and scavenge exhaust flow result in a zero-maintenance, high performance muffler designed for years of trouble-free riding.

PERFORMANCE – Results speak
Dyno tested and real world proven to provide the ultimate performance bolt-on exhaust experience.  

SOUND – Aggressive Tone
Deeper more aggressive exhaust tone with distinct tuned chambered sound. The GGB Sport muffler provides a throaty tone at idle with track tuned sound throughout the entire RPM range.

TUNING – Not Required
Each exhaust system is tuned specifically to run with the cars stock ECU tuning. A tuner can be added if desired but is not necessary.

MAINTENANCE – Not Required
Each system is fully welded with no packing material inside to deteriorate or blow out. This is a true Zero maintenance exhaust system.­
Direct bolt-on system to the vehicles factory mounts with common hand tools and minimal mechanical skill. All necessary hardware and instructions supplied.

This muffler has been specifically designed for this machine, tested and tuned accordingly to provide optimal exhaust flow and back pressure to allow the engine to efficiently achieve peak power with the stock programmer while providing correct AFR numbers for optimum engine performance. The GGB Sport muffler has an incredible tuned chambered sound and no drone. Throaty rumble at idle with aggressive track tuned tone throughout the entire RPM range without being over the top. This design allows for reduced engine operating temperatures and weight savings compared to stock.

In hand you will notice the build quality and fit and finish of the product we deliver, and installation is straight forward as each system is a direct bolt-on using factory mounts and all necessary hardware is included. As always, customer satisfaction is number one.


GGB Exhaust 2020-2024 Kawasaki KRX 1000 Sport Muffler