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Axles for a Hard Ride
The wide stance of the Honda Talon 1000R makes it perfect for slamming the pedal to the floor and not slowing down. If you want to go that hard every time you ride, make sure you have Heavy-Duty Rhino Brand Axles. They have the strength and durability to handle bigger torque loads and harsher riding that your stock axles just can’t. Pair that with the ability to run at high axle angles without overheating, and you’ve go an axle that’s built for the way you ride.

Built With Rhino Quality
When a rhino comes at you, you get out of the way because it’s gonna go right through you. That’s the same philosophy we bring to our Rhino Brand Axles. They’re made with a 4340 chromoly steel shaft that’s thicker than stock for improved strength. And since CV joints are such a common failure point, we didn’t skimp there either. They’re precision engineered to have no break-in period and low heat generation. They use a puncture resistant boot and are packed with synthetic grease to make them even stronger and smoother, and these UTV axles won’t stop for anything.

Backed by a One-Year Warranty
All the strength and performance of our Rhino Brand Axles is backed by a one-year warranty. That gives you the freedom to test the limits, and push these axles harder than you think you should. If you get crazy enough and break it, we’ve got your back. We want you to cut loose in your Talon R, not baby it through the trail.


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