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50" Straight Double-Row LED Light Bar
You don't have to garage your UTV just because the sun's gone down. By adding SuperATV's 50" Straight Double-Row LED Light Bar, you can prolong your fun for a couple more hours. It's made with 5 W OSRAM LED lights for a total of 47,600 raw lumens. Plus, it can handle whatever the trail throws at it with its IP67 water-resistant rating. Installing this double-row LED light bar is the perfect solution for those late-night rides.

The Lighting Versatility You Need
This light bar doubles as a flood- and spotlight, giving you focused and wide lighting options. It illuminates up to 180 degrees and narrows into a stronger spotlight pattern in the center, increasing visibility directly in front of you. With 6500K light temp, you’ll see the trail ahead clear as day.

Opt for Low-Profile Mounting Brackets
We offer several mounting options, including our low-profile mounting brackets. These mounting brackets allow you to mount your light bar at a different angle or height, keeping your light bar from getting hung up on low-hanging branches when you're rocking more than one accessory. Regardless of where you put it, our low-profile brackets will keep your new light bar secured to your machine. Plus, it’s super easy to install and finished with a UV-resistant powder coating for added durability.

Or Choose Aluminum Tube Clamps
Were all about options—what may work for one person may not work for you. If your machine doesn't have a good place to use our mounting bracket options, then our aluminum tube clamps are the way to go. They give you the tight fit you're looking for and will keep your light secure regardless of how bumpy the trail gets.